Why do Dogs Dig Under Fences?

Feature Image - Why do Dogs Dig Under Fence

There’s no reason why do dogs dig under fences. Find out why your dog is digging and the best way to convince him to cease. When your dog is digging, whether it’s a plethora of holes throughout your yard or even an escape hole in the fence.  It’s crucial to determine the reason your dog’s digging … Read more

Can an electric fence Harm a dog?

Feature Image - Can an electric fence Harm a dog

Do electric fence hurt the dog? Sure, electrical fences can harm a dog because of their electric charge. They can cause pain for a short time when the dog gets close to the fence. The function of the electrical fence can be to alarm the dog and stop any undesirable behavior. In the end, it could be that … Read more

How to Put up Dog Ears Fence?

Feature Image - How to Put up Dog Ears Fence

A dog ears fence can be a fantastic option for your home and can improve the look of your yard. You can engage a professional fence company to construct the Fence for you, but this is far more costly than doing it yourself. It’s not that difficult to install it as this step-by-step guide on how to  … Read more