What is the Best Wireless Pet Containment System?

Feature Image of What is the Best Wireless Pet Containment System - DogsAlliance
Feature Image of What is the Best Wireless Pet Containment System - DogsAlliance

In this article, we’re going to discuss the best wireless pet containment system with its advantages and disadvantages along with frequently asked questions and suggestions to aid you in making an informed choice about your dog’s best friend.

Top 5 Best Wireless Dog Fence Reviews

1: Petsafe Wireless Fence Pet Containment System

Make sure your pets and yard are safe from harm by using the revolutionary pet containment system. This wireless enclosure system allows you to build the security of your property without the need to dig up wires.

Petsafe Wireless Fence Pet Containment System

Without the need to install, this product can protect small animals or cats within their defined areas by putting up the boundary in any part of your yard, regardless of what the surface is – grass, pavement, concrete, or any other.

It even lets you alter the design of your yard and is equipped with two wire stakes that will help you place it in the best places.

The best part is that you aren’t worried about wires interfering with other activities such as washing floors or gardening due to its non-electrical design!

This pet containment system is a fantastic option to ensure your pet is kept in a certain space. The system wirelessly transmits radio signals that are 5-15 feet from the transmitter.

Therefore, it’s perfect for all sizes of yards and pets who simply love to explore. 

Change your sleepy peace of mind with an electronic pet fence. It’s a Wireless Pet Containment System. It is not necessary to lay wires as with other fences!

The system emits low-frequency radio waves that travel over corners and under fences to create a secure fence.

Once the system is activated, the continuous 120-decibel alarm will be sounded if your pet goes over the line or interacts with any pets in the household that are not within it.

It includes a complete setup that has everything you’ll require, such as an adjustable border collar, as well as one lithium-metal battery.

Your pet might be tempted to test their boundaries by settling in one side of the barrier “wrong” part of the fence; utilize your remote to increase the signal and stifle the urge to run!


  • This transmitter can provide coverage of up to 1/2 acre.
  • Wireless boundaries are secure and can be installed in your backyard without the effort or time of digging wires.
  • The Wireless Fence lets you create security in your yard without needing to plant wires.
  • The pet containment system differs from traditional fences in the ground because it doesn’t have to be placed.
  • A Pet containment system is ideal for pet owners because it’s easy to put up and maintain.
  • Pet containment system-resistant collar offers a comfortable and adjustable collar that lasts for up to two months. 
  • This waterproof Collar is suitable for large dogs. It adjusts to fit necks ranging from 6-28 inches.
  • Set the Collar’s settings to your dog’s preference for them to learn how to remain in the safe playing area using a sound-only training mode as well as five degrees of static.
  • The dog’s Collar can be customized with the training mode as well as the levels of static.

Pro & Cons of Petsafe Wireless Fence Pet Containment System


  • The Collar can be adjusted to a limit of 1/2 acre.
  • It can be used for up to two dogs simultaneously, provided they wear the collars at 20 percent apart in size.
  • Its battery life is about two months, on average!
  • The system is the perfect lightweight and waterproof design for outdoor activities of all kinds.
  • With three different kinds of levels for static correction and five progressive tones to train, We’re confident that you’ll find the right dog for you!


  • This receiver isn’t the strongest.
  • It’s challenging to master due to sharp edges that could be hazardous if you’re not vigilant about these edges.

2: Petsafe Wireless Fence (PIF-300) With Extra Battery Pack

This pet containment system is one of the safest pet containment devices that is available! Install your transmitter and customize the area size in just 20 minutes. Wireless receivers are cost-effective and lightweight.

Petsafe Wireless Fence (PIF-300) With Extra Battery Pack

They are also secure on all terrains, even through woods or yards! This, along together with the exclusive PetSafe features, makes our wireless fence the best choice. PetSafe Wireless Fence is your ideal wireless fence.

Do you ever return to your home feeling empty that you aren’t able to identify? Your head turns, and you see pet poop across the flooring in the kitchen.

Perhaps this is the reason why there’s always the feeling of being lonely in our pets’ homes.

Lift the weight off your shoulders by purchasing your hands on the PetSafe Wireless Fence (PIF-300) with an Extra Battery Pack to fix both problems.

A range of up to 1/2 1 acre covers a vast space around your home to allow flexibility in placement while offering protection to all pets.

The transmitter emits the 17.5 kHz signal, which surrounds your property by invisible boundaries.

Animals begin getting uncomfortable when they get close to their home but are unable to see the boundaries! This is all without dealing with costly or unattractive hardware connected to fences or beneath the ground.

It even comes with two brand-specific lithium batteries to ensure pet owners don’t have to worry about running out of battery power in emergencies!


  • The PIF-300 system has been completed with two additional batteries.
  • The pesticide is applied to a circular space of about 180 to 200 feet in size.
  • It is wireless and mobile.
  • The device can scan a vast area, including metal objects.
  • This device features an option for correction using a tone only in being out of range.
  • The gadget can detect metal objects and operate within an area of up to 1/2 1 acre.

Pro & Cons of Petsafe Wireless Fence (PIF-300) With Extra Battery Pack


  • Static or Tone Pet Fences Static and Tone Pet Fences allow you to select between static and tones (audible) correction.
  • It has five different levels of statically corrected to assist you in your learning.
  • Along with water-resistant collars that can be adjusted that measure 6 to 28 inches to make sure it fits perfectly on any pet.
  • The system can accommodate unlimited pets, and no digging is to be done.
  • This is an ideal pet fence that doesn’t have to be put into the ground.


  • This model is popular because it is less troublesome than other models. However, some issues are to be unavoidable.

3: Extreme Dog Fence – Second Generation 2020- Standard Grade (Essential) Kit Packages

If you have an Agility Dog Terrier, or another type of dog with lots of energy and is eager to get wild, this might be the best solution.

The Second Generation 2021 Standard Grade (Essential) Kit Pack by Extreme Dog Fence Company is ideal for dogs unable to remain on their property.

Extreme Dog Fence – Second Generation 2020- Standard Grade (Essential) Kit Packages

This kit comes with a digital transmitter and a set of contact probes, both short and long, and covers more than 500 feet of wire, flags, and clips; it’s all set out in convenient boxes. You’ll need a waterproof collar for the receiver of your pet first.

Luckily, we have these available at our store! Are you thinking about getting an Extreme Dog Fence? With our safe and compact fences, you’ll be on your way to becoming an owner of a pet who wants to provide the highest quality for their fur baby.

The wire that defines our boundary is 20 gauge, and it’s sturdy enough to ensure that you don’t require to worry about the wire breaking when your pet is crossing over. But we also ensure that dogs have plenty of room to explore new methods!

We always provide our collars’ 5-10 foot range, giving you plenty of time to get your pet out of restricted zones.

If you buy from us, you’ll not be needing to worry about the installation process.

All of our products include everything you require for a quick and straightforward installation.

This fence has been awarded a prestigious award. It is a combination of wired and wireless fencing.

It offers the most efficient flexibility, physical confinement, and speed without crossing dead zones.

Each of our kits comes with everything you require to complete the job correctly. Start your dog’s happy new life now!


  • This fence can be used with the latest collar options.
  • The eXtreme Dog Fence is entirely waterproof and submersible, which means your dog can swim without a collar.
  • This item includes 20 gauge of boundary wire and a transmitter to the collar receiver(s), Splice kits, and training flags.
  • The dog fence manufacturer offers a warranty of five years after you have registered your device.
  • This company is known for its electric fences for dogs made with pride from the United States.
  • The transmitter in the eXtreme Dog Fence acts as the brain, which helps set the correct level and signal and interfere with AM radiofrequency. The fence can be placed inside to keep it dry.

Pro & Cons of Extreme Dog Fence – Second Generation 2020


  • The dog fencing system lets you create a custom space for the pet.
  • The dog fence has a 20-gauge boundary wire.
  • The wire used to fence the boundary can be strong enough to safeguard an area of up six acres.
  • It is a high-tension, waterproof, submersible material.
  • This fence can be made to order and comes with automatic power protection.
  • This fence can be submerged and has long battery life.


  • This dog fence doesn’t appear to be a negative quality.

4: Dogtra E-fence 3500

This fence creates a beautiful fence around your yard that ensures your dog is secure in your backyard.

Pet containment systems are erected to create a loop around the property for the fence system to work.

Dogtra E-fence 3500

Signal transmission takes the form of a loop. The signal is transmitted from the transmitter, interpreted by the fence border, and then returned to the transmitter.

The red light indicates that this process is complete. The wire needs to be placed around 4-6 inches in the ground.

However, it does not have to be placed in the ground to perform its function.

One great feature of this Collar is the ability to set the Collar to vibrate-only mode in case your pet is scared or timid.

The Collar will train them only with the assistance of vibrations without delivering a shock.

Traditional fencing, as well as other devices, can interfere with radio signals from the transmitter. The only size collar that is available.


  • Smaller dog breeds that weigh around 15lbs. (7kg)
  • 40 acres of area coverage
  • Additional receivers can be connected
  • Fully waterproof receiver collars for receivers
  • Low to medium levels of power simulation
  • 2-hour rapid charge lithium polymer collar batteries that can last for three months or more
  • Four steps to confine your pet
  • The Collar is waterproof (IPX7)and built-in rechargeable battery
  • Eight levels of stimulation can be manually adjusted
  • The vibration stimulus was presented before the shock stimulus was corrected.
  • 2-Year Product Warranty
  • Advanced filtering system that blocks interference from nearby devices
  • 8 seconds of stimulus duration to stop excessive punishment

Pro & Cons of Dogtra E-fence 3500


  • Installation and setup are simple.
  • A collar that is waterproof and rechargeable as well as a transmitter.
  • Alarms and lights signal the break in the wire.
  • Set different levels of correction for each dog.
  • Vibrate-only mode.


  • The device that is Collar is heavier than other rechargeable products.
  • No collar to fit feature.

5: Pet Control HQ

It’s a pet containment system and dog-training system that is secure for Use and easy to set up. It is a waterproof and rechargeable shock collar that comes with various color straps. 

Pet Control HQ

The color of the strap is displayed by the remote, making it easier for you to recognize each dog individually. This way, you can train up to three dogs by using just one device.

The ten different levels are vibration, shock intensity, and corrector, controlled via remote control.

The boundary wire can be placed above and below ground, but it must be at least three feet from any metal object.

The device first provides a sound alarm as well as static vibrations. Then shock correction is provided.

This is the perfect tool to teach and control your dog. But, Collar can cause rashes and irritation when used for longer than 12 hours.


  • The underground system has 490 feet long wires, which can increase the boundaries
  • IPX7 Waterproof Collar Receiver that has adjustable sizes of 8-27 inches
  • Three different levels of static can be changed
  • Ten groups of shock stimulation are managed by the wireless pet containment system.
  • It is suitable for small and medium dogs that weigh between 11 to 154lbs.
  • The batteries are rechargeable inside the Collar and the transmitter last two days or more
  • The system is capable of being used to control three dogs simultaneously.
  • The shock stimulus was shut off after 8 seconds to avoid excessive punishment.

Pro & Cons of Pet Control HQ


  • Fence for dog confinement in the ground and dog training device.
  • The coverage area can be increased by adding wire.


  • The product is not cost-effective.
  • The Collar may cause rashes.
  • Unnecessary shocks.

Some Tips When Using a Pet Containment System

You must educate your dog yourself. Placing a collar around the dog and letting it adjust to the wireless barrier on its own won’t yield any result in any way.

It is necessary to move your dog all around the boundaries, but when the alarm starts coming at the Collar, you need to bring it back.

You may use lashes when exercising. Your dog can be scared or shocked by the alarm. Therefore, make sure to offer treats to your dog at the end of each task.

  • To properly adjust the Collar, place the Collar onto your pet for 3-7 days before activating the system. This will result in great results during the training sessions.
  • To prevent skin irritation To avoid skin irritation, take off the corrector neckband after one year of wear.
  • Cleaning the contacts on the Collar every week to improve static correction.

What is a Pet Containment system?

The wireless pet Containment system can help you create a safe and secure play area for your pet with less effort than digging up wires or constructing physical fences.

The transmitter makes an arc-shaped, wireless boundary that can cover up to a half-acre. The wireless pet Containment system includes a waterproof, battery-operated collar. 

Making sure our dogs are safe is a top priority for pet owners. Wireless pet containment systems are a great way to create a secure area where your dog can run without restriction.

It doesn’t matter if you are near an area of traffic and need an effective method to secure your pet, or you are on a farm with many lands and don’t want your pets wandering into neighboring homes.

A pet Containment system might be the best solution.

How Does a Pet Containment System Work?

Sometimes referred to as an invisible pet Containment systemA wireless pet Containment system is an electronic boundary that holds your dog in a specific area.

There are two types of pet containment systems that are invisible such as a pet Containment System or an underground fence.

Both provide a barrier for your pet without needing an open gate or fence to ensure your pet is kept secure.

While the particulars of the underground and wireless pet Containment systems differ, they share many similarities in the way they operate.

The invisible pet Containment system has a collar for your pet. The collars for dogs will sound when your pet is too close to the border.

If your pet’s sneaky way of getting closer to an area, a static shock is released through the Collar. These are the basic ideas that form the basis of invisible dog fences.

The aim is to train your dog to remain within a set boundary, which will allow you to be stress-free even when your dog is outdoors.

Who Should Buy a Wireless Pet Containment system?

  • People who don’t require a pet Containment system  Because it’s hidden, it’s an ideal option for those who aren’t a fan of a traditional fence or those who don’t want to obstruct the view of their backyard.
  • Large dog owners’ yard – If you own the space with a dog, a wireless fence is a more affordable alternative to conventional fencing, which could be as high as $4,000.
  • For the new puppy’s parents, a wireless dog fence can help teach a pup (or in the case of you move with an old dog to show them the boundaries of your new backyard) so that they won’t be able to take off while exploring their surroundings.

Buying Guide – How To Choose The Best Pet Containment System?

Here are some of the essential characteristics we considered when choosing the pet Containment system. There’s more to it than reviewing wireless dog fences.

Selecting the best one will require some effort. For more information on what to look out for when buying the pet Containment system for your dog, go to the buyer’s manual listed below. 

  • Read reviews and user-generated reviews on a variety of sites.
  • Check out the safety record of the businesses that have created the fences.
  • Determine the area each fence could protect.

Check the quality of the coverage area, and make sure that the strength of the transmitter matches the coverage area listed.

1: Safety

The primary factor to consider when purchasing a pet Containment system is the security of your pet and the other people who live around it.

It is essential to ensure that before buying any pet Containment system that is wireless be sure to check its certifications from the various authorities such as FCC, CE, etc. They will inform you of how secure it is and if it is suitable for your pet. 

2: Boundary Strength

Before purchasing a pet Containment system that is invisible, you must be aware of how muscular, or the boundary strength of the fence is.

If the power of the boundary of the dog fence that is electric is not strong, then it implies that your pet could leave the boundary with ease, which may not be beneficial for them or you.

3: The Brand

It is essential to choose an established and reliable pet containment system that you can be confident in.

Many people opt for low-cost and sub-par products, and it is essential to conduct an extensive study before buying wireless fences for dogs.

It is also important to be aware of the kind of customer service they’ll be receiving should issues occur soon.

4: Type of Collar

The other thing to be aware of when purchasing the pet Containment system for your dog is the pet’s reaction to its Collar or not.

It is important to know if the Collar is part of the package because some pets may be uncomfortable while others might feel comfortable wearing it.

Before purchasing any invisible fence, check the type of Collar it has and how well it will fit the animal.

5: Coverage Area

The main reason to purchase the pet Containment system is that it will create the ideal area for your pet, so before buying one, make sure you look over the covered area.

A wide coverage area implies that it can keep your pet within the boundaries without issue; however, when the coverage area isn’t large enough, it may be difficult for your pet to keep within the limits that could be unsafe for them.

6: Type of Training

The last thing to do is check out what training methods are included with the pet Containment system that is wireless.

If it’s just simple clicker-based training, it’s possible that your pet won’t be able to comprehend or relate to it; therefore, look for more advanced techniques such as positive reinforcement, for instance. to get better outcomes.

7: Additional Features

Last but not least, if you want to purchase a pet Containment system, you should look for other features, such as remote trainers that are in sync with the pet Containment system.

Remote trainers assist in teaching your dog what behavior to expect when you’re not there and can also help them in emergencies such as chasing cars and so on.

8: Size

Another aspect you should consider when purchasing the case of an invisible fence is whether it is within your budget. If it’s too expensive, you could consider alternative options.

Still, should it fall within your budget, you should go ahead without hesitation as pet Containment systems that are wireless can be an extremely excellent alternative to physical fences since they are more secure, safe, and, in addition, easier to maintain.

9: Material

The materials used in the pet Containment system wireless has a significant impact because if the material isn’t suitable, your pet could easily be away from the fence and could be dangerous to them and you.

Therefore, make sure to look over the fence’s material before purchasing an invisible wall. Choose the best one for your needs.

10: Customer Reviews

If you are considering buying a pet Containment system for your dog that is invisible, read their customer reviews to see what other people’s opinions are about the fence and whether it is worth the money or not.

If there aren’t any customer reviews on the internet, you can look for them on different forums or social media pages to find out more about them.

11: Durability

The longevity of the pet Containment system is an additional element to be looked at before purchasing it, as when it’s not built to last. You are at risk that your pet could be able to escape and everything could be wasted.

Therefore, you should always purchase a wireless pet Containment system that is durable so that you don’t have to pay more money in the future.

12: Easy Transport

The main reason to purchase the pet Containment system for your dog is to ensure that your pet is secure and safe; however, when it’s challenging to move.

There is a chance that it will cause issues such as the boundary wire could be damaged during transport which could make your job more difficult.

Therefore, you should always consider the type of portability options that include the invisible fence.

13: Intended Use

And lastly, make sure you know what uses the pet Containment system is designed for to ensure that you don’t have any problems when buying.

If it’s designed for small dogs. Then it’s possible that your dog’s size could be able to get away quickly. So take a look at the intended user before purchasing.

14: Warranty

Be sure to check what warranty includes with the pet Containment system. And ensure you’re covered for all types of problems and damages.

If there’s no warranty or the warranty does not cover all kinds of issues, the fence could be risky for you and your pet.

Therefore, before you purchase an invisible fence, you should read these seven factors carefully to ensure you don’t end up regretting it in the future.

You can also buy the best wireless dog fence that is suitable for the pet you love.

15: Price

Finally, it is essential to examine the cost of the pet Containment system and then compare it to other options available to determine whether it’s worth the money or not. 

Wirless VS Hybrid Fencing System

Wireless systems operate by generating signals that are interpreted by the receiver on the Collar. These signals are created in circular forms within a certain distance.

The design and size of this fence can’t be altered. However, the hybrid fence has underground wires with the desired form, resulting in an invisible wall with a customized design.

How to Install a Wireless Pet Containment System? 

If you don’t have a WIRELESS pet Containment system To confine your dog to your yard. It wouldn’t be hard to imagine that they would get lost or stray away from home. Installing a new WIRELESS pet Containment system is not only time-consuming.

But it can be expensive as well, but this doesn’t mean that you are entirely out of options.

WIRELESS pet Containment system could be the same solution that you are seeking. And, installing one might be easier than you imagined.

Choose the Location for the Transmitter

The first thing you will have to do is find a suitable location for the transmitter. This is also referred to as the central unit.

Just keep in mind that the location of this transmitter unit will represent the exact location of your containment area. The site that you choose for your transmitter should be seen as the center of your fence.

When selecting the ideal place for this transmitter, there are several things that you want to keep in mind.

  • An outlet will need to be located nearby to supply power to the unit.
  • The unit should ideally be located near or next to an outer wall. The more concrete that the signal has to penetrate means that the signal will be weaker.
  • Any large metal appliances or devices should keep at least five feet away from the central unit.

Activating the Signal Receiver Collar

Once you have your confined area all laid out, you will be ready to activate the Collar. This is the actual Collar that will be worn around the dog’s neck.

This Collar looks precisely like a shock collar or a bark collar. In most cases, this will usually just require inserting a working battery into the Collar.

The life of these batteries can last anywhere from one to three months and will require regular replacement. Once the working battery is inserted. You will be ready to turn the Collar on.

This step usually requires you to approach the signal transmitter with the Collar in hand, press a button or two, and wait a few seconds for the devices to sync. Once this accomplishes, your Collar will sync.

Collars can usually adjust, which you will want to keep in mind when installing the device on your pet.

Setting the Radius of the Containment Area

The radius of the WIRELESS pet Containment system can vary, but most affordable packages will allow anywhere from 1/2 to a full acre.

Of course, setting the radius for the containment area will vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, but overall it is a relatively simple process.

On most devices, you will just simply need to turn a knob on the control unit to set the distance. Different models will come with different feet or yardage settings, but it doesn’t get much easier than turning a knob to the desired length.

This step can sometimes require two individuals. One will want to stay in the yard with the receiver collar in hand.

The individual with the Collar in hand will want to stand near where the fence’s boundary should be located.

The individual near the transmitter unit should go ahead and start making the length adjustments until the individual with the Collar hears a beep.

Once the beep is heard. This will indicate that the Collar is nearing the boundary limit of the wireless Collar.

Some models will even include a test light to make laying out the boundary a little easier and quicker.


Whether you are looking for the best Wireless pet Containment system to help protect your property or just want to make sure that your pet doesn’t run away in the middle of the night, there is an option out there for everyone.

When it comes to finding the best wireless dog fence on the market today, our experts at Best Wireless Pet Containment System have done all of the research and hard work.

So you don’t have to! We’ve compiled a list of what we believe are some of the top-rated products available right now based on their features and reviews from other customers.

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