How To Set Up Wireless Dog Fence?

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If you would not know how to set up a wireless dog fence. So let’s go with me; in this article, I will step-by-step guide you on how to set up a wireless dog fence. 

Installing wireless dog fencing is very easy, Basically, people prefer these fences instead of wired fences underground. Be aware that the process may differ from one model to the next, but the principle remains the same.

Step-by-step guide on How to Setup a Wireless fence:

1. Choose Your Product:

Naturally, the first step is to choose the best products that meet your requirements. Each fence will come with a collar for your dog and a transmitter to emit the electrical signal.

You’ll need to choose the one that is compatible with the size of your dog because experts from Quality Dog Fence find that systems designed for the big dog may be too big for smaller dogs.

2. Find a Place to Put Your Transmitter

The location of the transmitter can make a significant impact on the efficiency of your fence. It must be at the center of the space you wish to protect.

Be aware that heavy metal objects such as a refrigerator can break the transmitter signal, which can cause your dog to run away.

Ensure that the transmitter is located in a water-proof location and connected via an outlet that is in line with the manufacturer’s guidelines.

3. Activate The Signal Receiver Collar

Install the batteries inside the collar your pet will wear as the fence is turned on. Some collars will require pressing the buttons or switch to switch on the different collars.

Ensure that your model comes with an electronic “key” used to turn it off and on.

4. Test and Flag the Boundaries

It is now time to check if your transmitter is operating. Take the collar off and stroll through the yard. If you hear a beep and a small signal, place a flag around the area.

It provides an image of the wireless fence. It helps you ensure how to set up a wireless dog fence. The flags can also serve as an outline of the fence when exercising your dog.

Make sure you use the flagging material that can endure being outdoors for a couple of weeks.

5. Mount Your Transmitter

When you’ve set the boundary set according to your preferences, It is possible to set it up permanently by mounting your wireless dog fence on the wall.

It is not necessary if you have a table where you can place your transmitter. However, if can do so it’s an excellent idea.

Securing the transmitter in a single location ensures that the boundaries of your transmitter won’t get altered if something impacts the device.

6. Attach the Collar

Then, put the collar on your pet and ensure it fits properly. The collar must be snug enough to allow the prongs to touch the skin of your dog but loose enough to allow you to place a finger beneath.

This type of collar is typically only worn for 12 hours a day because continuous use could cause the prongs to begin irritating the skin.

7. Train Your Pet

It is essential to remember that a Wireless Dog Fence is just an instrument. Without your assistance, the dog might not be in a position to understand the concept and end up worried and confused in the backyard.

There are a variety of training guides that you can test with once your installation is completed.

Why Are Wireless Dog Fences So Popular?

There are three major reasons that wireless dog fences have become so popular:

  • They’re simple and quick to install. You can get in working of your wireless dog fence in operation within less than an hour.
  • They’re low-maintenance. With no wire to put in, it’s unnecessary to worry about breaking wires or even replacing your wire.
  • They’re fully mobile control. It can be carried along wherever you go, and use them to secure a place for your dog anyplace and at any time.

How much is the cost of a wireless dog fence?

The price of a wireless dog fence will differ based on many factors, including:

  • Which fencing brand do you choose
  • The dimensions of your yard as well as the length of your fence
  • The collar you select to match the fence
  • If you decide to install it yourself
  • The average cost of living in your region

Based on these variables, so you might end up paying between $200 to 600$ to purchase the invisible dog fencing.


Sometimes, your dog has to go outside. If you have an active dog, simply walking them once per day isn’t enough to give them the physical exercise they need.

With the aid of a pet fence wireless, your pet will be healthy and happy. Your dog will quickly adapt to learn the new boundaries, and you can install it to cover your entire yard to maximize play.

I have provided a step-by-step guide on how to set up a wireless dog fence, and how you can fix it by following the above steps.

I hope you liked this article. If you think the article is helpful for you, then must share your opinion in the comment section It would be helpful for others.

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