How to Put up Dog Ears Fence?

Feature Image - How to Put up Dog Ears Fence
Feature Image - How to Put up Dog Ears Fence

dog ears fence can be a fantastic option for your home and can improve the look of your yard. You can engage a professional fence company to construct the Fence for you, but this is far more costly than doing it yourself.

It’s not as difficult to install it as this step-by-step guide on how to put up a dog ear fence.

Follow Six Simple Steps To Put up Dog Ears Fence:

1: Select Boundaries for your Fence

The first step is to determine the boundaries of the dog ears fence you are installing.

Take stakes and string, and mark the location in which you want the dog’s ear to be is to be put in place. You might want to tie tiny flags on the strings to ensure it is easier to spot.

2: Dig Post Holes

Use the diggers for post holes and begin digging posts holes to build your Fence. To decide how many inches apart the holes have to be, take a measurement of the dog ear sections on the Fence you are installing.

In the majority of cases, the fence sections will measure eight feet long. So, it is recommended to place your post holes approximately four feet from each other. It will permit you to put in three posts for each piece of Fence.

3: Set up Fence Posts

Install the posts made of pressure-treated lumber into the holes you created using the diggers for your post holes. Mix the concrete according to the instructions on the bag.

Fill the posts’ holes with concrete mix and gravel. Please make sure they are leveled both up and down with your level or the plumb or bob. The concrete should be allowed to dry and set before proceeding.

4: Install Fence Sections

When the concrete used to support the posts is dry and dried, it’s time to start laying dogs’ ear fencing segments.

To do this, you must carefully position the first piece of Fence with the outer edge of your first post.

Utilize the nail or hammer for attaching the Fence to the post that is on the top. Continue nailing the initial piece of Fence’s other three posts. Continue adding more sections of fencing and attaching the Fence to posts.

5: Treat the Fence

Make use of a brush or roller to apply the treatment with acrylic on the surface of the dog fence for the ears. Make sure you apply the treatment on the sides and the back of your Fence.

It will protect your Fence from elements and help keep it looking the best for years to come. Let the wood treatment completely dry before painting.

6: Paint the Fence or Stain the Fence

In the end, you can use the stain or paint you prefer to finish your dog’s ear fence.

When selecting an appropriate stain or paint to paint the Fence, pick an oil-based or enamel-based kind that can stand up in the face of the elements.

How do you Cut a Dog’s Ear for Pickets?

For cutting your dog ear board:

  • Cut a picket up to 4 feet in length.
  • Utilize this initial picket to guide the remainder of the boards.
  • Attach a stop block, as well as a miter, saw to your work table.
  • Lay on cut lines at 45 degrees angles.

What Size are Nails for Dog Ears Fence Panels?

The most popular choice for hot-dipped galvanized nails provides better durability against corrosion than hot-galvanized and electro-galvanized materials.

The most reliable choice for wood that has been pressure treated is stainless steel. Utilize 6 d (2-inch) shank nails to secure pickets and infill boards.

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