Best Wireless Dog Fence for 2 Acres

Feature image - Best Wireless Dog Fence for 2 Acres
Feature image - Best Wireless Dog Fence for 2 Acres

Being a pet owner it’s a frantic job to find innovative things for your pet, same happened to me when I was looking for the best wireless dog fence for 2 acres.

Wireless dog fences that are invisible create boundaries dogs can respect and love. They allow them to enjoy the outdoors in a way they may not otherwise be able to.

Wireless dog fencing is essential for keeping your Pooch safe and free to roam your property without the need for expensive fencing.

You may have looked into wireless options but aren’t sure what option to choose. This article will show you the best wireless dog fence for 2 acres.

Wireless dog fencing is essential for keeping your Pooch safe and free to roam your property without the need for expensive fencing.

You may have looked into wireless options but aren’t sure what option to choose. This article will show you the best wireless dog fence for 2 acres.

Important Features of Best wireless dog fence for 2 acres

Although semi-wireless and wireless fences have different performances and efficiency, their functions are very similar.

So they have the same purpose and use many of the same components. There are many things to consider when shopping for the best system for your dog.

Capabilities and Coverage Area:

Wireless fencing must be able to cover a specified area effectively. This feat is achieved in a very different way by the two types of fences. You should assess your property to determine which system is best for your dog.

Wireless systems are based on a central transmitter placed in the middle of your property. The transmitter emits a circle that your dog cannot miss.

Manufacturers can vary the size of this radius. While smaller systems may only cover one acre, more robust options can cover 100 acres.

Semiwireless systems work differently. Instead of relying on a central transmitter, antennae wires are used to establish the boundary.

The length of the wire and the strength of the transmitter attached will determine the size of the fenced-in area.

This system has the main advantage of creating any shape you like.

You can easily reach your property line by covering the perimeter with your rectangular property. It is possible to circumvent oddly-shaped obstacles such as buildings or gardens.

System’s Effectiveness:

Beyond the area covered, it is important to assess the system’s ability to create a solid boundary.

A semi-wireless system is highly recommended because it has fewer obstacles. You can be sure that your system is functioning if you safely bury the antennae cable. However, fully wireless systems can be affected by many things.

Transmitters have trouble getting through metal and wood. So Interference can be caused by metal siding, roofs, or cars from nearby driveways. Transmitters must be placed on flat terrain, with no metal objects nearby.

System Collar Limits:

You should ensure that your wireless fence can handle multiple collars if you have multiple dogs. Some systems can only be used for one dog, while others allow you to add multiple collars.

It is best to train all dogs at once. The training process will be hampered if you have one dog in the system and another can roam free beyond the limits.

To check if your dogs are allowed to connect, you can refer to the system limits.

Easy Installation and Use:

Many factors can affect the installation and user experience of systems. Fully wireless systems are generally easier to set up. You only need to place the transmitter at the right spot and start setting boundaries.

Semi-wireless systems require a little more work. So these systems require that you bury the antennae cable. Specially-designed tools make it easier to do this job without a shovel.

Ensure your dog doesn’t dig up the wire. So you must make sure it is buried at least one foot underground.

Once you’ve set it up, you can adjust the collar settings. It’s as easy as putting the collar on your dog and then helping them to get used to it.

Important Features in the Dog Collar in Your System

The first step in the process is to set up the wireless fence. Once the boundaries are set up, the wires and transmitters will no longer be required.

The collar is part of the system that you will be using daily. So this is the gear that trains your dog on how to be safe. These are some key considerations.

Training Methods and Shock Severity:

The training process includes the collar. It is important to ensure that your dog receives an effective and safe shock. Many brands offer different levels of correction. Most wonders are small, but some models produce a powerful vibration.

You can adjust these levels to suit your dog’s size and sensitivity. Smaller dogs will need to be at the lower end of this spectrum, while larger dogs may require more kicks. The correction level can adjust until your dog finds the right balance.

Some dog owners lower the correction level as their dog learns. Some collars emit a tone in addition to the shocks.

You may be able to choose between a warning or tone-only mode, depending on which model you have. For sensitive dogs and puppies, the tone-only option can be very useful.

The warning mode will activate, and the collar will tone when your dog approaches the boundary.

The collar will send a shock if they go over it. This can reinforce your training as you slowly decrease the disciplinary level.

The Collar Size:

This collar is unique in its fit. It is not always easy to get the collar snug enough. Two small prongs are usually found on collars. These prongs are made to contact the skin of your dog.

They are blunt with a rounded edge to make them more comfortable. They are designed to pass through the hair of your dog.

A collar that is too loose will make it difficult to work effectively. The contacts can slip off if the collar is too open. This will prevent your dog from feeling the shocks. They are at risk of injury if the collar is too tight.

Measure the circumference around your dog’s neck to ensure the correct size. Make sure to read the label on the collar and ensure that your dog’s measurements are within its limits. You can adjust collars, so make sure you take your time.

Water Damage Resistance:

Wireless fence collars can be used outdoors. So make sure to choose one that offers some protection from the elements.

You should pay close attention to the label of your collar. Water and electricity are not compatible.

These collars can be made waterproof or water-resistant by manufacturers. These collars can be made waterproof or water-resistant for everyday wear.

So they can withstand rain and water splashes. They won’t withstand prolonged exposure or swimming in the pool.

You should invest in a waterproof collar if you have a lake within the perimeter of your wireless fence.

Waterproof collars come completely sealed. All electrical components are sealed to ensure your investment and your dog’s safety.

Weatherproof collars are also available from some manufacturers. They are made for maximum durability. They are resistant to water, extreme heat, strong winds, and many other factors.

Type and capacity of the battery:

The collar’s batteries will provide the necessary power to send correctional shocks and receive signals. The battery can impact how you use the system and determine so how much maintenance you will need.

Manufacturers have the option of using a single-use or rechargeable battery.

One-use batteries only hold one charge. They cannot charge, so you must purchase a new one each time they run low.

Although this may not seem like much, replacement batteries can quickly add up.

If the collar has a proprietary battery, it will increase in cost. To determine if the collar is feasible to purchase, take a look at its battery requirements.

These rechargeable batteries can be much more convenient and help you save money over the long term. These batteries can be found right in the collar.

In most cases, you won’t be able to remove the battery. Once the battery is dead, plug it into a charger.

Make sure you get a compatible charging cable before purchasing a collar. In addition to choosing the type of battery that a collar uses, it is important to consider its capacity.

The battery’s capacity will dictate how long the battery can last before it needs to be recharged. So some models can last for several months on one charge, while others only last for a few days.

Top 5 Best Wireless Dog Fences for 2 acres:

1- Generation Extreme Dog Fence Best For Large Dogs:

The Second Generation Extreme Dog Fence is powerful for large dogs. It also offers large areas of protection. To help the transmitter, this wireless fence uses an underground wire.

It can be buried under the ground easily, and you won’t have to think twice about it. It also comes with training flags. These flags effectively indicate where the boundary is to your dog.

They’ll avoid crossing the invisible line when they approach the flags. This fence is also multi-dog friendly for owners of multiple dogs.


  • Up to 6 Acres.
  • Multi-Dog capabilities.
  • Waterproof.
  • Training flags.


  • Some dogs may feel too shocked by the shock.

2- Petsafe Free to Roam:

Our research shows that Petsafe Free to Roam is the best wireless dog fence, with 2 acres of coverage. Wireless boundaries keep your pet safe and allow them to roam freely.

The best thing about this method is that you can teach, love, and protect your pet 15 times more than traditional fencing.

The circular wireless boundary can cover as much as 1/2 an acre. The indoor transmitter can adjust the boundary to cover a distance of 5 feet up to 90 feet.

You can plug the transmitter into any standard outlet. The transmitter should be placed as close as possible to the area intended to be used.

You can simultaneously use three PetSafe wireless transmitters to create a bigger play area.

The transmitter will automatically send a static correction to your receiver collar whenever your dog crosses the boundary line.

You can adjust the receiver collar to fit your dog’s temperament by using 5 levels of correction. You can also use the tone-only mode to train your dog.

The waterproof receiver collar can be used in any weather condition and lasts up to three months, depending on how it is used.

You will receive 50 boundary flags to help set up visual markers during training.


  • It is completely wireless. Requires no digging.
  • Adjustable wireless boundary. It covers up to 1/2 an acre.
  • The receiver collar is waterproof.
  • There are five levels of static correction that you can adjust to suit your pet’s temperament.
  • Training in tone-only mode.
  • It is quick and simple to set up. It takes less than two hours for most pet owners to set it up.
  • Portable. It can be easily taken on vacations.
  • Manufacturer warranty included. The warranty is valid only if the unit was purchased from an authorized retailer.


  • The transmitter cannot be used outdoors. Some dog owners may find this a problem.
  • Some customers complained that the collar was cheaply made.
  • If you live in an area that has many trees or hills, your connection can be difficult.
  • Customers have expressed concern about the product’s durability.

3- Sit Boo-Boo Advanced In-Ground Electric Dog Fence System:

Sit Booboo’s wireless pet device has an unusual feature: it automatically adjusts to each pet’s personality. According to the pet, it can change its tone, vibration, or static.

The transmitter is durable and can reach far distances. So it can travel up to 20 acres and is made of thick copper material that can withstand extreme conditions.


  • It’s flexible and can be adjusted to fit every pet perfectly.
  • The transmitter can reach as far as 20 acres.
  • Can withstand severe conditions.
  • Waterproof for up to 30 seconds and resistant to extreme weather.
  • Suits for big, small, and large dogs.
  • 1-year warranty.
  •  Safety-shutoff function.


  • Random system shock.
  • Inconsistent at times.

 It is designed to ensure your pet’s safety and has a 10-second safety shutoff. The collars are waterproof and can be submerged for up to one minute.

This collar is compatible with both small and large dogs. Sometimes, however, the collar may randomly give shocks. There is a 1-year warranty for replacement if the collar does not work as it should.

4- Pet Safe In-Ground Dog Fence Kit with Heavy Duty Wire:

This 1-acre wireless electric dog fence is made for stubborn dogs. The fence features five levels of high-intensity electric static correction and a tone or vibration to keep your dog safe.

So you can train your dog successfully and have them stay on your property no matter how large it may be.

The wireless fence kit includes 100 feet of pre-twisted wire boundary wire, 4 flexible contact points, and 1000 feet of 16 gauge solid copper wire. You can buy additional wire if you need a wireless fence for more than one acre.

This wireless collar is comfortable and fits the neck sizes of dogs from 6″ to 28″. It’s fully waterproof and can be submerged up to 3 feet in the water. This in-ground dog fencing is ideal for both small and large dogs.

The wireless dog fence has a run-through protection feature that gradually corrects your dog if they cross the boundary.

This allows you to teach your dog where your property’s boundaries are so that they don’t run in the wrong direction. The collar will automatically turn off after 30 seconds so that your dog isn’t overstimulated.

This dog containment system can be used with multiple dogs as long as it is compatible with PetSafe collars. You can adjust the static shock level to keep your dog happy. PetSafe has a huge customer base in the United States, making it easy to order.


  • 1 Acre Boundary with Wire.
  • For stubborn dogs, there are 5 levels of static shock.
  • Uses more than one dog.
  • U.S. customer service to assist you with all your needs.


  • Setting up an in-ground dog fence takes more time than a wireless one.

5- Furnace 100% Wireless Pet Containment System:

The wireless pet fence can be used wire-free and is easy to use. So the customized radial-shape boundary can be adjusted from 1 to 500 feet.

The invisible barrier will surround your dog within the parameters you set. It is waterproof so that it can withstand rain and shine.

This collar is rechargeable so you don’t have to buy new batteries. It is also easier than buying new batteries each time you run low. It comes with a compact, wireless radio transmitter, and a receiver collar.

This collar is anti-shock designed only to inflict shock for 54 seconds if your dog strays beyond the boundary line. This design ensures a safe and harmless boundary for you and your pet.


  • Completely wireless.
  • Water-resistant.
  • Rechargeable collar.
  • Great Signal even on uneven land.
  • It can be used on very large farms.
  • Collars are suitable for both small and large dogs.


  • Installation can be tedious.
  • Nearby electronic devices may disrupt the Signal.

This system can reach the Signal regardless of the slope, provided the transmitter is located in a high enough location.

It can support large farms up to 17 acres. Because the collar can be adjusted to fit small or large dogs. It is compatible with both small and large breeds.

The receiver collar weighs only 0.25 pounds. So this wireless pet containment can take on camping trips as it is portable.

The furnace has a fence that can be used to support large dogs and is ideal for stubborn dogs. To make it easy for your pet to learn, follow the steps.

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