Can an electric fence kill dog?

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Can an electric fence kill the dog? An electric fence shouldn’t be fatal for a dog. They can sense the electromagnetic fields generated by electric fences and avoid them like the plague. A dog can detect the presence and potential dangers of electrostatic energy and induction. Dogs are afraid of electrostatic energy and will leave … Read more

Underground Electric Fence for Small Dogs: Helpful Guide

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An Underground electric fence for small dogs has copper wire boundary fencing installed underground, just a few inches from the surface. This creates an electrically charged boundary that keeps your pet within your property without the need to put up a physical fence. Your pet’s collar around the neck connects it to the electronic dog fence. Each … Read more

Do GPS dog fences work?

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Do you think about the possibility of a Wireless GPS dog fences (frequently called generically “invisible fence”*) “invisible fence”*) to keep your dog out of your backyard? What advantages are wireless GPS systems compared to the classic fence, a wired (underground) electronic fence for dogs? Are they the same level of security as your dog? … Read more